Working In Alicante

Working in Alicante

If you are considering the possibility of working in Alicante, then there are quite a few possibilities in a whole range of different jobs that might very well be that sort of work you would be interested in.

As an EC citizen, you can either work as self employed or even as an employee, whereby the employer would have to pay your national insurance, income tax and holiday pay. Dole pay and pension contributions would also be made by your employer. If you need any further details regards tax etc, I would recommend "Easy Tax", who are based in El Campello, just up the coast from Alicante.

At the moment it is a lot easier to become self employed, as there just aren't many positions available under current economic conditions. For small businesses you would also be self employed, and you are able to pay a fixed amount of tax and VAT every quarter, as long as your earning are under an established figure, so in the case of a bar this method is ideal and there is no need to register all of the takings.

The best jobs in Alicante for non residents are without a doubt in "OAMI", the European Patent and Trade Mark office, with excellent salaries and great perks if you have kids.

Other possible jobs that you may consider in Alicante would be English teachers, tradesmen, estate agents, Internet business and even bar work in English speaking areas of Alicante.

I have been working in Alicante for over 20 years now, in several different sectors and have seen salaries getting closer and closer to Northern European salaries, especially after the introduction of the Euro.

If you think you can find a job in Alicante, I would recommend you take any opportunity that comes along, as life here is so much more chilled, and even when it's scorching hot.