Alicante Fiestas - Trek to Santa Faz

The Pilgrimage to the Holy Visage or face of the "Santa Faz" and it is said to be the second most important pilgrimage that is held in Spain after Andalucia with up to 200,000 people. Pilgrims are dressed up traditional clothing although many people just come along to enjoy the walk to the Monastery of Santa Faz.

Many people even take advantage of a free bus service that will take you direct to Santa Faz as the people from Alicante believe that their lives will be plagued with bad luck due to their general superstitious nature if they don't make the yearly pilgrimage to Santa Faz.

This festival always takes place on the second Thursday after Easter and is celebrated as a local bank holiday so that everyone has the opportunity to walk to Santa Faz, although you still see people walking on the days before and after.

The most serious of walkers will also walk barefoot as a sign of gratitude for any favor that they feel God has been responsible for during the previous year, as it is believed that within the monastery lies the veil with which Veronica dabbed at the bleeding face of Jesus Christ as he carried his cross up Calvary hill.

The majority of people though will be seen having picnic lunches and enjoying the craft markets and fairs that are held at Santa Faz throughout the week, and there are many good spots to have a bite to eat and to try some of the local dishes.

Alicante Golf is just a 40 minute stroll from Santa Faz along one straight road, so you can't get lost, but if you are planning on coming into Alicante by car, remember that the N332 is closed between Alicante and San Juan, so you should approach Alicante golf via the beach road and then park there.

Take a look at this video the clearly shows the religious nature of the Santa Faz fiesta in Alicante...