Best Nightlife in Alicante

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You will find literally thousands of people partying in Alicante every weekend all year round. There are a variety of bars and clubs for all ages including several gay bars and clubs and all music tastes are catered for.

On a typical Saturday night out, you will find pockets of young people drinking on the streets all over Alicante, and the most spectacular area is the Barrio, where you find lines of bars with outdoor seating. The atmosphere is unreal, everybody having fun and laughing, and the small bars just packed with people dancing. Unfortunately this all comes to an end a about 3 in the morning, when the local police move in and make sure that everybody leaves the area in an orderly fashion.

Almost everyone then heads down to the harbour area where there are several large pubs with plenty of room for dancing as well as exterior seating looking onto the sea. The port area is very popular with younger people and they really do know how to have a good time and have no problems to keep going till about 7 in the morning, when the pubs begin to close.

At the very end of the Alicante Postiguet beach you will find a very relaxing "Chill Out" open air pub, right by the sea. There is a Tram stop within 200 metres of the pub and you normally find the people that frequent "Isla Marina" are 25+ and the Chill out atmosphere allows you to even lie down and chat, and it really is a memorable night out to be repeated.

Traditionally in the summer, Alicante closed down for nightlife and everybody headed up to the Playa San Juan, but that is not the case any more. Even though the Playa San Juan does still have a loyal fan club in the summer, most people now just stay in
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Alicante, or there has been a new opening in the area of Alicante Golf, where you will find about 15 medium to large size pubs, that pump out the music till about 7 in the morning and the place really is heaving at the weekend, and well worth a night out.

Of course you also have the option of going to Benidorm for a great night out, and the entertainment etc is more geared up for the influx of Northern European tourists, who never seem to stop arriving. You will find anything you might miss from the UK in Benidorm and nowadays it really is the only place to go for a nice portion of fish and chips or a traditional pint of ale.

There is a great variety of nightlife in Alicante and there is somewhere different to go to every night. The locals tend to go out to dine at about 10, so the time they have finished, the time is perfect to start swinging those hips.

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