Life in Spain - 10 Reasons Why You Should Live In Alicante

I have lived in the Alicante region of Spain for 22 years and I think it's time I should share my positive experiences with anyone who is contemplating living in Spain, as there really are so many benefits which I will be defining as the best 10 reasons why you should live in Alicante Golf.

1) The sunshine and mild Winter climate probably heads the list, with a minimum temperature of 5º in Winter and real scorcher days in the Summer reaching up to 40º. In the Winter, if the sun is out you can be out, it's as simple as that and you will save a lot too on heating bills. The best of the weather though is definitely in the Autumn and Spring, with an average temperature of 20 to 25º, even allowing you to spend time at the beach in the Playa San Juan or to enjoy a memorable day on the Alicante Golf course in perfect conditions.

2) Alicante Golf then as the name suggests is not only the nicest residential area of Alicante, but also beholds a fantastic par 72 golf course that was designed by Seve Ballesteros on the late 90s. The whole design of the Alicante Golf residential area has been perfectly executed to include open green areas and parks, a 5 star hotel, a modern complete sports centre, the European Bilingual school, modern quality housing, wide roads and pavements, as well as commercial shopping centres.

3) Eating out is so much more affordable too and Alicante Golf provides a great selection of both Spanish and International cuisine, and you will also find that children are welcome too, but I would point out that the Spanish in general don't speak English very well, so always carry a phrase book with you.

4) If you run a business and are a bit worried about the new higher income tax rate, come to Spain. The whole tax system is so much more simplified here, and without a doubt you end up paying less, regardless of your gross income. If you need any advice on legal or tax matters, we will put you in contact with an experienced English speaking tax advisor, who will be able to explain any issue that may concern you.

5) Rate, Poll tax, council tax or whatever it may be called today, here in Spain it is called IBI and the is calculated on the size of your property. If you own an apartment it would be between 200 and 300 Euro a YEAR, and for a 4 bedroom villa it would probably be nearer 1000 Euro, but per YEAR.

6) All of these savings means you have more money to spend to go out and enjoy the Alicante Golf outdoor lifestyle, resulting in achieving a much higher standard of living. The nightlife can also be enjoyed by people of all ages, whether you just like to sit down by the beach and enjoy an ice cream or if you like to have a few beers and let your hair down there is a whole commercial arena dedicated to night pubs in Alicante Golf, which have a great atmosphere.

7) You don't need a car. Now many people probably want a car, but for those of you that don't Alicante Golf is perfect with everything you need within a 5 minute walk. If you need to go further afield, then the Tram stops right on the doorstop of Alicante Golf and will take you right into the heart of Alicante in just 10 minutes.

8) A smokers paradise. I believe that smoking in Spain is a lot more acceptable than in the UK. Cigarettes are very cheap and you can smoke in most bars. There are also non smoking bars and restaurants, so Spain really does cater for both smokers and non smokers. You probably won't get fined in Spain for throwing your cigarette but on the pavement.

9) Fiestas or festivals are also very high on the agenda in Spain. Alicante Golf and the Playa San Juan are part of the Alicante City and they too are included on the fiesta calendar. After Easter you are ideally located for a 30 minute walk to Santa Faz, a middle age monastery with a special meaning to the local Christians. The Hogueras de San Juan are held on June 21 and involve the burning of huge paper maché figures, some of which are found in the surrounding areas of Alicante Golf and Playa San Juan. Finally in August, each residential community have a party whereby all the neighbors spend an evening together drinking and dancing the night away, so it can get a bit noisy in August.

10) All in all if you add up all of these positive benefits of living in Alicante Golf, take into account the overall sunshine, the relaxed way of life and added time to enjoy yourself more, you will in fact end up living longer, which probably should have been the first point to why you should live in Alicante Golf.