Day Trip to the Island of Tabarca, Alicante

The Island of Tabarca is a quaint place to spend a day relaxing in the sun, while taking in the beautiful surroundings and a tranquility that will complete a perfect day out. Tabarca is just a 30/45 minute ferry ride out to sea from either Alicante or Santa Pola. There is a glass bottom so you can get a really close look at a varied underwater sea life that will whet your appetite for what is to come on the protected Nature and Marine Reserve island of Tabarca.

Take a walk round the tiny island of Tabarca which is only about 1 square KM. You will come across a fortress, a Church, a couple of old fisherman's dwellings, a couple of restaurants and the Trancada Hotel which was Converted from an 18th Century fisherman’s house.

The Trancada hotel is the only hotel on the island of Tabarca and is modernly decorative but has managed to retain the original structure of the building.The hotel has really made a difference to the Tabarca tourism sector and it really sets the seen for a very romantic weekend escape, far away from cars and stress. The accommodation is excellent and the meals they serve are of the highest standard and as you would expect "seafood" highlights the menu on the island of Tabarca.

The rugged sandy coastline lays home to many secluded coves where you can enjoy a relaxing time away from everybody else. Try going for a snorkel in the transparent Mediterranean blue sea, and touch the underwater beauty. If you don't feel so adventurous, then simply relax with a glass of Sangria and a good book in one of the beach side bars where you will find everybody is very friendly.

In the past Tabarca was occupied by Italian Pirates during the 18th Century and was more recently used as a military base for military service training, but since that abolished Tabarca has become a very important part of the Alicante tourist board. There are daily trips to Tabarca and you can just turn up at the Alicante harbour front and board the ferry.