The Alicante Fiestas in Spain

Spain is renowned for it's fiestas and probably have more then any other country in the world and Alicante is no different. Not only are their fiestas in Alicante, but also in all of the surrounding towns and villages, although they are celebrated during the same dates. We are now going to have a look at the most important fiestas in Alicante that would definitely be worth seeing one year.

Towards the end of April begin the famous Moors and Christians fiestas which is in commemoration of the eviction of the Moors from Alicante during the 13th century. All of the locals dress up in costume as either are Christian or a Moor and the street processions are very lively, musical and the fire crackers are never ending.

The most important fiesta celebrated in the city of Alicante is the "Hogueras de San Juan" meaning the burnings of Saint John. This symbolic festival represents the arrival of summer and is when traditionally people light fires on the beach, party, and generally have a memorable night out. In the up run to the festivals you will see huge paper maché figures representing modern day personalities and then on the final night they all get burnt down. This is followed by street parties, live bands and the whole town dancing the night away. The following 6 nights are dedicated to amazing firework displays on the Postiguet beach . The whole deal lasts for about 30 minutes and every night has a different display and the firecrackers set off at the end will leave you with your fingers in your ears. These fiestas are definitely worth a visit as there really is nothing in comparison to the fiestas of San Juan.

Straight after the "Hogueras" comes the fiestas of San Pedro, which is more of a Catholic tradition of celebrating the awakening of the summertime. Once again in great Spanish tradition there will be a lot of fireworks, eating, drinking and dancing all night long as things tend to quiet down here at about 7 in the morning.

As Autumn approaches we are rewarded with a theatre festival, which includes the Alicante International Contemporary Music Festival and is suitable for all ages. The idea of a music festival took off in 1985 and was dedicated to the promotion of mainly Spanish music and musicians, but with the arrival of other cultures here from South America and Africa the whole fiesta has taken on a completely new colorful look.

October and it's the Moors and Christians again but in the surrounding towns of Campello, San Juan and Muchamiel when you can enjoy the gun powder smell in the air once again. This time though you have the whole town enjoying the celebrations together and they are very open to traveling tourists and I recommend that you leave the car at home as their is always plenty of Sangria to help you enjoy these traditional festivities.

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