Come to Alicante for a Winter Sunshine Break

Visit Alicante

Are you already feeling the cold, and fed up with not being able to go outside, either because it's too cold or it just doesn't ever seem to stop raining. Well, there could be an answer out there to your predicament... 

Why not visit Alicante for a short break!

Alicante is probably just a 2 hour flight from where ever you may be right now, if you live in Europe, and as you know at this time of year flights can be snapped up for virtually nothing, through airline companies like Ryan Air, Monarch or Easy Jet.

The current temperature here at the moment (early Autumn) is about 20 - 25 degrees centigrade, although it could get as high as 30, and these temperatures will remain with us until about Christmas time.

You won't see many of the locals on the beach at this time of year, who probably think that the tourists who are having fun on the beach and even swimming in the sea are crazy.

Cheap accommodation is also easy to find at this time of year, whether you like staying in hotels, hostels or rental accommodation. You can find cheap accommodation on the Internet easily as you would cheap flights to Alicante.

So don't feel down about the weather where ever you may be right now, just get on the next plane to Alicante and enjoy a sunny break away from the cold.